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Norah Jones

Much-heralded biography of a famous and talented pop star. 5 out of 5 stars Norah Jones by Donna Latham is a gripping and insightful biography of the famous jazz-pop singer/songwriter. Studded with historic and fresh photos of the star, Norah Jones tells a fascinating story of the growth and development of a modern music star who achieves success on her own terms. Cross-currents feature pages at the end add to the biography ‘explore connections between people, places, events, and ideas (providing additional context for understanding the subject's life and times).’ Norah Jones is the much-heralded biography of a famous and talented pop star who worked hard to achieve her dream. It will serve as inspiration to many others who face challenging circumstances to follow their dreams." —Midwest Book Review

Fire Dogs (Dog Heroes Series)

Ø     Recommended title by Animal Protection Society of Durham, NC.

Ø     "This series does a wonderful job of portraying different types of dogs who are considered heroes in our society. Recommended."-Library Media Connection

Ø    "The simple texts are easy to interpret for reluctant or early readers and yet informative enough to provide a definition of the dog's duties and what is required from it to fulfill each job."-School Library Journal

Ø     Through The Looking Glass Children’s Book Review News 


Hurricane! The Galveston 1900 Night of Terror (X-Treme Disasters Series)

Ø     Looking for a great non-fiction read?  St. Charles (IL) Public Library

Ø     One of the best series to come along recently."-Booklist

Ø     "This series is a must for all libraries."-Library Media Connection  

Ø     Featured in Gotcha for Guys! Nonfiction Books to Get Boys Excited About Reading by Kathleen A. Baxter.

Superfast Rockets; Superfast Trucks (Ultimate Speed Series)

Ø     "A series such as this fills a void, and very likely will encourage boys, and girls, to read more."-Library Media Connection  

Ø     Featured in Gotcha Good! Nonfiction Books to Get Kids Excited About Reading by Kathleen A. Baxter.

July 2, 2007  Donna Latham's book Superfast Trucks is featured in a new book by Kathy Baxter in 2008.  Entitled Gotcha Good: Nonfiction Booktalks to Get Kids Excited About Reading, this is the 5th book in her Gotcha series of recommended books. Her website is http://www.kathleenbaxter.com/.  Kathy is a librarian who writes columns for SLJ, travels the country giving seminars on children's books, and publishes books on children's literature.

Ellen Ochoa: Reach for the Stars! (Defining Moments Series)

Ø     "Books in the Defining Moments series offer simple, straightforward biographies of historical figures."-Booklist  

Ø     Space and heroes.(JUNIOR NONFICTION)(Brief article)(Children's review)(Book review); Teacher Librarian, October, 2007 by Howard, Sarah Catherine
Ellen Ochoa: Reach for the stars! (Defining Moments). Donna Latham. Bearport, 2006.978-1 59716-076-6, $23.96, Grades 96.
This small biography of the first Hispanic woman in outer space provides a glimpse of an heroic role model. A timeline, a glossary, Internet sites, fact boxes, and an index complement the layout of bright photos, including Ochoa playing the flute in outer space.

Ø     August 2009  Ellen Ochoa: Reach for the Stars is featured on You've Got to Read This! at the St. Charles (IL) Public Library's website!

Space: Surviving in Zero-G (Extreme Places Series)

"Look no further for real-life adventure stories of people challenging and surviving in some of the most dangerous places on earth. Astronauts Linda Godwin and Dana Tani train for months, travel to the International Space Station, and work outside in zero-gravity. There is certainly enough to challenge the willing and adventurous spirit. Recommended." -Library Media Connection, Sharon Williams

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