A great review for Skyscrapers, from AAAS! "A combination of fascinating facts, hands‑on science experiments and attractive and engaging illustrations make this a great candidate for every youngster on your gift list. It introduces five major branches of engineering that are immediately accessible to children because they are focused around structures that both urban and rural children recognize and hold in awe."

July 18. 2014:  National Science Teachers' Association (NSTA) recommends Skyscrapers:"Skyscrapers is a terrific book, especially for elementary teachers looking for ideas to inject more engineering into their classroom."

"Skyscrapers would make an excellent resource for the history or science teacher desiring to try a project based learning (PBL) unit. With its timeline, glossary, and interesting prose, the teacher could challenge students with the question, “Would a skyscraper make a good school?” In fact, this book would make a good springboard for a number of short engineering units."

BookLoons reviews Skyscrapers!

Booklist Quick Tips 9-2013 includes Skyscrapers!

Skyscrapers was reviewed in the November 2013 issue of School Library Journal:

"The scientific concepts are explained with easy-to-understand and kid-friendly examples. The 25 activities can be easily replicated at home, school, or in a library STEAM program, and require items that can be found at a grocery or hardware store. . .an appealing initiation to the subject." 

             —Maren Ostergard, School Library Journal

Kristine E. Barnes, PE, Structural Engineer— “Skyscrapers is a fantastic introduction to the world of civil/structural engineering and the history of some really big projects and tall buildings. The projects help reinforce ideas and give kids a wonderful hands-on learning experience.”


Pam Evans, 6th Grade Teacher, Jefferson Elementary School—“This wonderful book is written in easy-to-understand terms for those of us who are not engineers. The activities and experiments can easily be done in the classroom with inexpensive supplies.” 

Kenton D. Wesby, Art Specialist & STEAM Educator, SECME Master Teacher—“This book is awesome. Skyscrapers effectively navigates the basic principles of STEM, at the same time making connections with language arts, social studies, and visual arts. A must have for any teachers’ professional library.” 

Glenn Wiggins, Ph.D., AIA, Dean, College of Architecture, Design, and Construction Management, Wentworth Institute of Technology—“Skyscrapers does a wonderful job introducing young minds to the wonders and challenges of high-rise building design and the underlying engineering, making complex engineering concepts understandable. Outstanding.”

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