Grappling With Grammar

Donna has teamed with Heuer Publishing for a series of ten-minute plays focusing on grammar and language.  


 Grappling With Grammar is now an audio series, available from Heuer and Brooklyn Publishers. Take a listen!  

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Grappling with grammar doesn’t have to be a grind! With humor and energy (and their chatty dog and bashful parrot), a quirky family of characters tackles the dilemmas of the ever-evolving English language. Each play can be fully staged, used for reader’s theatre, or performed in the classroom. Mini-lessons and performances rights included.

The plays are available at

Current Grappling with Grammar Ten-Minute Plays on

Indubitably! (Adverbs)

Interrogative! (Sentences)

Hic! (Adjectives)

Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat! (Interjections)

Kerplunk! (Onomatopoeia)

She Who? (Pronouns)

Superlative! (Comparatives and Superlatives)

You’re Pulling My Leg! (Idioms)

Mine, Mine, Mine! (Possessives)

No-No! (Double Negatives)

Serious Fun (Oxymorons and Review)

Price: $30 each

Most plays published by Heuer Publishing require a production royalty. Royalty is due any time a play is performed in whole or part for an audience and payable regardless of audience size or ticket price. Performance rights are granted upon receipt of royalty payment.

Heuer's Ten Minute Plays include scripts for each actor plus a director and include performance rights for one year at one venue.

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