Grievances and Whirligigs

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grievances and Whirligigs was part of the EstroGenius Xtended Reading Series, directed by Vincent Marano.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Grievances and Whirligigs goes up at the No Shame Athens New Playwright Series.

Hosted by UGA Professor and Rose of Athens Theatre Associate Artist, John Patrick Bray, it takes place at RoA Theatre’s office/rehearsal space. Studio Dance Academy, 1100 Jennings Mill PKWY, Suite F, Athens, GA, Room E (behind Trader Joe’s/across from Home Depot).

August 2013

Dramaturg Emily Dedakis blogs about Grievances and Whirligigs:

"Grievances & Whirligigs, written by Donna Latham (USA) and directed by Claire Lamont, kicked off the series last month. It's a jolting and exuberant spill of language, telling the sharp & startling story of the oldest daughter of abusive parents and her many coping mechanisms. Donna was totally, joyfully invested in the revision process - a dedicated and professional collaborator."  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The reviews are coming in!

"An intense world exposed to the light. Terrifying. Terrific."
"Powerful & thought provoking."

Grievances and Whirligigs at Accidental Theatre in Belfast

Grievances & Whirligigs

by Donna Latham

Thursday 25th July

Ulster Hall Group Space, Belfast

7pm // Tickets: Pay What You Can

Like love, empathy, and compassion, violence begins at home. When Mary Claire visits her parents after a lengthy absence, she carries her grievances home. Attempted murder, bottled emotions, and toxic chilli boil to the surface when Mary Claire’s abusive father threatens her daughter. First in the 2013 Biscuit Tin Readings is Grievances & Whirligigs by USA born Donna Latham, directed by Claire Lamont. Latham’s Grievances & Whirligigs provides a heart-rending insight into America and family-life.

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