She Said (monologue)

Synopsis: A college student finds her voice and discloses her rape.

January 2020

SHE SAID is part of Unheard Of Company's January 2020 performances.

November 2019

Update about the #MeToo monologue SHE SAID, going up at Echo Theatre In Dallas.

March 4, 2018


In support of the #MeToo movement, SHE SAID goes up internationally during Women's History Month! SHE SAID is part of Flush Ink Productions' She Speaks in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 2 PM - 4 PM EST at the Waterloo Tennis Club,

50 Central St, Waterloo, Ontario N2T 2M9 

In addition, SHE SAID will be performed at the House of Canadian Students, International University Campus, Paris, France.

March - April 2017

SHE SAID is part of the Find Your Voice Festival in Port Angeles, WA. It runs March-April, 2017.

SHE SAID is a semi-finalist for Women in the Age of Trump.

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